Bill’s Video Testimony

by Pastor Cameron Payne
Lighthouse Baptist Church
Brantford, ON

Bill and Cricket are truly the epitome of perseverance. As you read this book you will be amazed of how they sought the Lord for strength and courage to keep battling on when most would have given up. God has truly blessed Bill and Cricket with strong Faith. As you read Ours Will Be Different you will be compelled to take a look at your own walk with the Lord. Each page will challenge you to keep on keeping on keeping in your walk and your ministry for the Lord. Their journey that the Lord gave them to live is not one that many of us could handle or even want. But Bill and Cricket have not only embraced it but have lived an abundant life. They have taken their wedding vows seriously, “For better or worse, in sickness and health.” Their marriage is strong one and one to be modelled after. This book should be in every person’s library. Every Pastor should read this book and study it. This book will teach you to seek the Lord in your life and ministry. It will encourage even the seasoned Pastor to seek the Lord when in “the valley.” I have had the pleasure of knowing Bill and Cricket for the past three years and have looked up to them for spiritual uplifting. You too would be blessed if you get the privilege of meeting them. God has truly blessed me by allowing me to call them, “My Friends.” 
Pastor Cameron Payne
November 2, 2011 

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