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Soul Winning - Plan of Salvation
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AIM: To teach my class the plan of Salvation and how to lead the lost to Jesus.

POINT OF CONTACT: God wants every person to come to His Son, Jesus, for His gift of eternal life! He therefore made the way simple and without cost or obligation!

     A) “Mr. Jones, someone showed me from the Bible, that there are four things we must know in order to go to heaven: (replace underlined names with actual person's name)
       1. The first thing we must know is that we are all sinners - Rom. 3:10. (read, explain)
         a) The word, "Righteous," means “perfect.” "We all try to live a good life, but none of us do it absolutely perfectly! Do we?” (“NO.”) (Mr. Jones' answers to the questions)
         b) Rom. 3:23 - “The word, “sinned,” means breaking God's commandments. All of us have broken some of God's commandments. Take for example, the commandment that says, “Thou shalt not covet.” Have you ever wanted something that someone else has? That's coveting! How about the commandment that says, “Thou shalt not bear a false witness,” (or, Thou shalt not lie). Have you ever told a lie, Mr. Jones?” (*wait for them to answer, “YES.” Later it will be easier to show them that we are all sinners!)
       2. “Because we've broken some of God's commands, #2, there is a penalty we must pay!
         a) Rom. 6:23-a - “Wages,” are something we earn! When we work a job, we get paid wages. Why? Because we've earned them and deserve them! God says, because we are sinners, we earn death. This word, “death,” not only means physical death, but also the second death. God tells us what that is in:
         b) Rev. 20:14,15 - “Because we sin, not only will we die physically, but then we will go that lake of fire! We know that as being hell. Now, when this person was showing me this, I didn't think I was bad enough to be cast into a lake of fire! I knew I wasn't perfect, but I never killed anyone! I never took a gun and robbed anyone! But then he showed me God's list of people that will go to hell, and I was on that list!”
         c) Rev. 21:8 - “Unbelieving,” means they don't believe in God. But that's not you is it Mr. Jones? You believe in God don't you? (YES) God says unbelievers will go to hell. “Murders,” - you haven't killed anyone today, have you Mr. Jones? (NO) God says murderers will go to hell. “Idolaters,” or people who bow down to statues, but you don't do that, do you Mr. Jones? (NO) Then God says, “…And all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.” Or, hell! Tell me something Mr. Jones, how many people (pointing to the word, “murderers”) would I have to kill in order to be a murderer? (JUST ONE) And how many lies would I have to tell in order to be a liar? (JUST ONE) Since we’ve all told some lies, according to the Bible, where do we all deserve to go? (HELL) But wait a minute! The third thing is that Jesus loves us! He doesn't want us to die and go to hell! So He came down from heaven, lived a perfect life, and died on the cross for our sins.”
       3. Rom. 5:8 - “I’ve often wondered, why did Jesus have to die? Couldn’t He have performed some kind of miracle to get us into heaven? What if I took a handful of rocks to the grocery store, and when it came time to pay, I laid the rocks on the counter? What would the clerk say? That you were crazy...! And that's because the payment for groceries is money! Not rocks! And the payment for sin is death! (Rom 6:23-a) So Jesus paid for our sins by dying on the cross! Then, He arose from the dead three days later!”
       4. Rom. 6:23-b - “God says, that going to heaven is a gift! That means it's free! There are no strings attached! I can't earn it and I don't deserve it! What if I said that I want to give you this watch as a gift. Then I said you owe me $25.00 - Would that be a gift? (NO) But what if I said, if you will help me do some work, I will give you this free watch! Would that be a gift? (NO) Right! You would just be earning it! The only way it would be a gift, is if I gave it to you free, with no strings attached! Otherwise, I could not call it a gift! But, that's why God calls it a gift! It’s free! You don't have to pay for it! Jesus already did! Notice that He said, it’s “…through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Period! Then He starts a whole new chapter! God says, heaven is through one thing, and that thing is a person, and that Person is Jesus!” (now go back to their * Verbal Commitment)
         a) “A minute ago, I asked you what it would take to get a person to heaven? WE mentioned five things: Obey the 10 commandments; Live a good life; Go to church; Read the Bible; Pray… If WE say that we must depend on these things to go to heaven, and God says that it is only one thing, who is right? Us, or God?”

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