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Soul Winning - Approaching the Lost Person
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AIM: To teach my class how to visit, what to do and what to say while out soul winning.

POINT OF CONTACT: Ask the class why they don't show up for visitation. Mainly because when they knock on a door someone will answer and they don't know what to do.

     A) When going door to door soul winning, go with a partner. Jesus sent them out 2 by 2!
     B) When approaching the door, one stand on the side of the door that the hinges are on.
We will call this soul winner, "Mr. / Mrs. Hinges."
     C) The partner that will do the talking, when someone opens the door, stand on the side of the door with the knob. We will call this soul winner, "Mr. / Mrs. Knob."
     D) It is important to know which person you will be before you get up to the door!
       1. If there is shuffling, talking, and confusion going on outside someone's door, they will see you and wonder who you are, and what you are up to!
     E) Use a "friendly" kind of knock - "shave and a haircut..."
       1. Do not "try to tear the door down," but knock loud enough to be heard.

     A) When someone answers the door, introduce yourself, your partner, where your from, and try to get their name. (replace underlined words with your personal information)
       1. "Hi! My name is Bill, and this isJosh. We're from Freedom Baptist Church! And what's your name?"
     B) Once they have given you their name, use it as often as possible!
       1. "Mr. Jones, we realize (key words to help you remember what to say next) it's Saturday, and your probably very busy, but could we talk with you for just a few minutes?"

     A) If they say YES and invite you into their living room:
       1. Have the "silent partner" head for a chair.
       2. You sit on the couch with the lost person.
       3. This will make it easier to witness and show them the verses from the Bible.
     B) If they say NO or that they are busy..., try a second appeal:
       1. Mr. Jones, we don't get out this way very often. We don't have a lot of time, and we realize you are very busy, but could we just ask you one question?"
     C) If they still say NO, leave yourself room to come back. Don't curse and tell them off!
       1. "Mr. Jones, maybe we could come back at a better time."
       2. Don't forget to record their name and address after you've left.
       3. Follow the Holy Spirit's leading if you should leave a tract or not.
       4. You may ask them if they had a chance to read the tract when you follow up.
     D) If they say WHAT ABOUT? Or they say YES, but don't invite you in, give a brief testimony at the door: "Mr.Jones, a few years ago, someone took the Bible and showed me how I could know for sure I would go to heaven when I die! And because of what they showed me, I know 100% sure that if I died today, I would go to heaven! Mr. Jones, do YOU know for sure that YOU will go to heaven, or would you have some doubt about that?"

     A) "Yes, I Know For Sure!"
       1. If they say yes, does this mean they are truly saved? We really don't know for sure!
       2. We must first find out what they are depending on to take them to heaven.
         a) Some are depending on church membership... sincerely believing they're OK!        3. To find out what they are depending on, get a VERBAL COMMITMENT:
       4. "Tell me something, Mr. Jones, in your opinion, what would it take to get a man to heaven?
         a) Give suggestions if he doesn't answer the question within a few seconds:            1. "Of course we would have to believe in God!"
           2. "How about living a good life? Obeying the 10 commandments?"
           3. "Praying? Reading the Bible? Going to church...?"
       5. If you get them to commit to what they are trusting in to get them to heaven, it will be easier to show them that they are lost, and how they can be saved!
     B) No; Maybe; I Hope So; I Think So; I Do Have Some Doubt...
       1. If they answer no..., you must get them to agree to let you show them from the Bible how they can know for sure that they will go to heaven!
       2. "Mr. Jones, could I take a minute and show you from the Bible how you could know for sure you will go to heaven when you die?"
       3. If they then say, "Yes," get a VERBAL COMMITMENT from them before showing them anything out of the Bible! *This is very important!
       4. During the Verbal Commitment, get your New Testament out and have it ready to turn to Romans 3:10.
       5. If they then say, "No," try to go ahead and get a Verbal Commitment any way.
         a) Then say, "If you would of let me show you from the Bible, I would of just shown you that we are all sinners..."
         b) Quote the plan of salvation to them if they will not let you show them from your New Testament!

Cricket Boyd
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