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AIM: To teach my class the story of Adam in Genesis 2:8-24; to teach them the good characteristics of Adam to apply to their lives, and what bad characteristics to avoid.

POINT OF CONTACT: Begin the class briefly discussing God's creation of Adam and Eve. Tell the class that we will be looking for things Adam did, seeing if it pleased God or not. If it pleased God, we should do what Adam did. If not, we should avoid what Adam did.

     A) God planted a garden and placed Adam there.
     B) God gave Adam some work to do - he was to take care of the home God had prepared for him, guard and protect it!
     C) God has a job for each person to do!
     D) Work is good! It is the first thing God gave Adam to do.
     E) God knows that we will not be happy unless we have some work to do!
     F) This is certainly a characteristic we want to have in our lives!

     A) He did not create a man for Adam!
     B) Homosexuality is a sin! Leviticus 20:13. It goes against the lesson of creation.
     C) God has one woman for one man! He has created a special person for you! She is to be your helper for life.
     D) A man must be patient as the woman learns how he wants her to help him! She cannot read
your mind! Often, she doesn't feel well. You must teach her what helps you and what does not! ILL: Some men do not like to eat breakfast! Some do!
     E) If you will expect nothing from your wife, then when she does something for you, it will be bonus, and you can praise her! Praise creates a desire for what is praised!
     F) God created her to help you, not be your slave!
     G) You are to treat her as good as you do yourself! 2:23,24.

     A) Eve listened to Satan and went into sin.
     B) Adam knew that she would die and go to an eternal hell.
     C) In order to save her, he must take sin upon him and become like her.
     D) As sinners, they could have children and some day, bring the Christ child into the world, which would save them from hell.
     E) Jesus took upon Himself our sin, in order that we might be saved!
     F) When we get to the place in our Christian life where we ask God to forgive our enemies and to give us their punishment as Jesus did on the cross, we know we are getting close.

     A) He disobeyed God's command - 2:16,17
     B) He didn't transfer God's command to his wife - probably didn't have family devotions!
     C) He didn't make his boys behave! I Sam. 3:13. If he would of whipped his boys for fighting when they were little, perhaps Cain wouldn't of murdered his brother, Abel.
     D) He didn't see to it that his wife obeyed God - he didn't stop her from doing wrong.
     E) He tried to cover his sin and hide from God. Pr. 15:3.
     F) He blamed his wife for his sin - A real man will admit when he is wrong and not try to blame others for his actions.
     G) He listened to his wife when he should of led her. 3:17.
     H) His family and descendants suffered because he didn't do right. After his sin, there is no further mentioning of Adam. (Except to tie him to sin - Rom. 5:12,18.)
     I) Adam plunged the world into sin! Your sin affects others! Either directly or indirectly - everyone is affected by your sin!

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