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by Bill & Cricket Boyd


This book is dedicated to my wife of 27 years, Mrs. Cricket Boyd! We have been through countless tragedies, including two miscarriages and the death of her two best friends in the world, my mother, and Mrs. Marlene Evans! Upon the death of my sister and her husband, we were going to adopt their two children, but they were taken away from us as well. She has truly honored her wedding vows, “...for better, for worse.”

We had a successful roller skating business and were able to pay off our house, fishing boat, motorcycles, and all but one car, by the age of 22! We would have been retired at age 38, but sold all our worldly possessions to go to Bible college, to learn to lead lost souls to Jesus Christ! We were able to graduate in three years, Magna Cum Laud, and immediately began our ministry in the hills of Tennessee.

We left our first church to help start a Bible Institute, and to teach in a Christian school. We were able to be near our two girls all day, and influence many other teenagers for God! Because of many serious problems in the local church there, we left that area and started a new church in Christiansburg, Virginia. We had 40 our first Sunday, and God greatly blessed that work, turning many hearts to Jesus, including over 80 teenagers! Due to the financial burdens of a new work, I had to work a construction job while building the Freedom Baptist Church. While working on a project in Roanoke, Virginia, I was involved in an accident that nearly took my life. I spent over 9 months in the hospital and rehabilitation, and am now paralyzed from the middle of my chest down! Our church disbanded and the building was sold, but through it all, Cricket has remained by my side and has kept me going these devastating 4½ years now!

Cricket was involved in an auto accident while we were at Hyles-Anderson College, and has suffered tremendously with migraine headaches ever since! She suffers with heart problems, thyroid problems, and to top it all off, she was involved in another auto accident while working to support me, as I am now completely disabled. It has even been suggested that she put me into a nursing home, as taking care of me has been a great struggle for her! I have wished myself to be dead a thousand times. Yet, she continues to love me, encourage me, take care of me, and serve God by my side! And it’s because of her help that I have been able to accept preaching engagements, and to influence and encourage other Christians to be faithful and keep going regardless of life’s many discouragements! Since my accident, we have seen doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and even ambulance workers come to know the Lord Jesus as Saviour!

I love Cricket with all of my heart and soul, and thank God for her every day! I know, beyond any doubt, that I am still serving God because He has met my needs through her! And, regardless of how difficult circumstances get, will keep on serving Him until Jesus comes!

"Living Happily Ever After"


Today, the divorce rate is over 50%, which means for every two marriages, one ends in divorce! For those married twice, the divorce rate is over 75% and over 80% for those who have been married three times! The world’s answer for marital problems is, “Get a divorce, find someone new, and then start all over!” This is a temporary solution to the problem, as each partner brings their past failures into each new relationship! And statistics show that this answer simply does not work! For those who decide to stay married and do not follow such worldly advise, 50% of the couples in these marriages are not happy! And it doesn’t matter if the couples are “church goers” or not! What then is the solution?

One marriage counselor gave this as the answer, “A marriage is to be 50 - 50! There is giving and taking to be done on both sides…” If this were the answer, a person would only get their way, their desires, and their needs met only 50% of the time! And how would a couple keep track? “Is it my turn to give in or yours? Mine? I thought I did last time! And the time before that!” They continually focus their attention on how well the other is fulfilling their needs and desires, not how well they are doing themselves! Yet, most marriages follow this exact path and live on the edge of divorce! The counselor hears, “My mate never meets my needs! Well OK, maybe some of the time, but most of the time, I am the one who does the giving and the other one does the taking!” Each will say the same thing about the other, when they are simply following the counselor’s advice of 50 - 50! Therefore, the couple and the counselor both end up frustrated and confused!

The Bible says that a man and a woman are both to bring 100% of themselves into the marriage! When the marriage takes place, you have 100! But the “50 - 50” crowd only has a 50% marriage and a 50 is a failing grade in any school of thought! If a man is doing 100% of what God commands him to do, and a woman is doing 100% of what God commands her to do, then you have a “perfect” marriage! Too often, a counselor will hear, “Well, she / he doesn’t meet my needs!” In a “100/100” marriage, each is too busy meeting the needs of their spouse to stop and take notice of their own needs and they have no need of counseling! In this book, the man and the woman will see what God expects of them and commands them to do!

A “50/50” marriage is in direct disobedience to the Word of God and has no chance whatsoever to be happy! Each is in competition with the other to get their own 50%, and both are on constant guard not to give more than 50%! You can have one giver and one taker in a marriage, but 100% + 50% = 150% divided by 2 = 75%, which is barely a passing mark! If there are two takers in the marriage, they are destined for failure from the beginning! And where do people learn to be “takers?” From the parents who raised them! May the Lord Jesus open your eyes and heart to His written truths, that being married, you too will live, “ Happily Ever After! ” A marriage like this can be a reality, not just a happy ending in a storybook!

"Living Happily Ever After"

Table Of Contents

#1 - Before Marriage

#2 - How To Look For Someone When Dating

#3 - Woman, The Completer

#4 - Those Out To Destroy Your Marriage

#5 - The Wedding Vows

#6 - What God Expects From Married Men

#7 - Knowing For Sure Your Going To Heaven

#8 - What God Expects From Married Women

#9 - Getting God's Blessings

#10 - Working Out Problems

#11 - The Glory of a Man

#12 - Husbands, Love Your Wives

#13 - Till Death Do Us Part

#14 - A Broken Spirit

#15 - Communication

#16 - Some Final Words of Advise

"Living Happily Ever After"

Cricket Boyd
#IAmAChristian #CricketDee
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